Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Guides: 302 Cloth Resilience Without Touching a Battleground

Edit: This guide is premised on a fallacy; a character can not buy another class's armor from reputation vendors. I leave the guide here, in its incorrect form, as a gesture of humility. That's right, I'm humble!

In the heart and soul of his guideblog, the Highlander teaches you, the durn fool noob, how to PvP.

Would you go to Karazhan without spell hit? Of course not. Resilience is like spell hit for battlegrounds. It helps you die slower. Don't believe me? Try defending the Stables in your Frozen Shadoweave...

A Scenario

Spotting a blood elf mage (Rival Cuteboots) and her tauren warrior companion (Beefchop) approaching the bridge, you summon your Water Elemental and prepare to lay the smack down. Beefchop is in range and you charge up a Polymorph: Turtle but then... GNOMERGOSH, COUNTERSPELLED! You try to Blink behind the barn but find yourself eating a Mortal Strike + Shatter Combo + Waterbolt + Fireblast. Right before the graveyard you notice 2 seconds left on your Counterspell debuff. Congratulations, you just died inefficiently. Rival Cuteboots watches her Squirtle evaporate and laments the wasted cooldown.

"But Highlander," you say, "it's not my fault! I don't have the gear!" It is your fault. Blizz didn't send you to Kara naked, and they're not letting you go to Warsong Gulch wearing Imbued Netherweave. You can always trade T4/T5 tokens for S1/S2 gear, respectively, but even without it an impressive amount of resilience is possible before you step foot into a battleground.

The crux of the trick is to combine set bonuses from the honor reputation battlegear for Mages, Warlocks, and Shadow Priests.1 Add appropriate gems,2 two more PvE resilience acquisitions, and a tailored resilience set, and you become one tough little n00b.

The Gear (and its Resilience)

Reputation Gear
Evoker's Silk Handguards (17) - Sha'tari Quartermaster in Shattrath
Evoker's Silk Trousers (22) - Cenarion Expedition Quartermaster in Zangarmarsh
+35 set bonus

Satin Hood (19) - Thrallmar/Honor Hold Quartermaster in Hellfire Peninsula
+4 socket bonus
Satin Robe (15) - Cenarion Expedition Quartermaster in Zangarmarsh
+16 2xMystic Dawnstone
+4 socket bonus
Evoker's Mantle (17) - Sha'tari Quartermaster in Shattrath
+8 1xMystic Dawnstone
+3 socket bonus
+35 set bonus

Crafted Gear
Unyielding Girdle (20) - crafted with 8xPrimal Mooncloth, 18xPrimal Earth, 1xPrimal Nether
+4 1xSteady Talasite
+8 1xMystic Dawnstone
Unyielding Bracers (12) - crafted with 4xImbued Netherweave, 8xPrimal Earth
+8 1xMystic Dawnstone
+20 set bonus

Vendor Gear
Cloak of Subjugated Power (23) - 60 Badges from G'eras in Shattrath
Seal of the Exorcist (12) - 50 Spirit Shards from Spirit Sage Zran/Gartok in Terokkar Forest

A Scenario, Revisited

Beefchop and Rival Cuteboots just nuked your face off. Noticing you have 100 hit points remaining, you cast Ice Block and type, "/bg Inc 2 ST mage warrior goin2die soon," and start spamming your health stone, hoping to catch some health when Ice Block wears off. You do, cast Arcane Explosion at the flag capping Beefchop, Blink behind the barn, run around it, Ice Lance Beefchop to interrupt another cap, and are killed just in time to see four Alliance riding to help defend the (still-uncapped) flag. You win.


1. You can min/max these sets however you like. I chose the highest resilience pieces when accounting for socket bonuses.

2. Sadly, the only +resilience gems appropriate to your red sockets (orange ones) are epic, and cost more than our newbie selves care to spend on an experiment. You could ignore socket bonuses and spam Mystic Dawnstone, but I don't have the heart to make you.


Coming soon: 83 Supplemental Resilience from Boss Drops


Larísa said...

Being such a PvP nerd and raiding fanatic, I've rather avoided resiliance than looked for it. For PvE I've been taught it's useless.
Maybe that's one of the explanations to why PvP never caught my heart.

Making a PvP set to switch to - including resiliance... yeah maybe that should be a future project. I wonder how much difference it will make to the experience.

Sonny said...

For battlegrounds, resilience is oh so worth it! And you're right, for PvE it's meh. In fact I believe resilience was invented primarily as a way to bring PvP rewards to epic item levels while still being useless (or suboptimal) for PvE.

As far as projects go, I would regard this guide as a stepping stone to season 2 gear. For PvP kicks you can really be passionate about, making a really cool twink a la Gnomeageddon's guides is probably the most fun for your effort.

gnomeaggedon.net said...

Hey Sonny,

at this late stage of TBC, I am not going to go throwing too much time and energy at getting my pvp set together.. but I have a head start on some things, and of course others just cost petty cash.

Head - Satin Hood (bound to beat my spellstrike hood)
Neck - Vindicator's Pendant of Subjugation - already got.
Shoulders - Merciless Gladiator's Silk Amice - should do the job
Back - even if I had 60 badges (which I am not going to get this side of India), I doubt I would spend them on this... alternatives?
Chest - Satin Robe (beats Spellfire Robe).
Wrists - Veteran's Silk Cuffs should do the job.
Hands - Gladiator's Silk Handguards should do.
Waist - Mmm not spending that kind of dosh.. alternatives?
Legs - Evoker's Silk Trousers.. ok ok, spellfire & spellstrike stay in bank for PvP. ;-)
Rings - Seal of the Exorcist... mmmm nope, not going back into those instances for the shards (or anything else for that matter). Probably DE'd everything else of value... but any suggestions?
Trinkets - Got Medallion of the Alliance & Stormpike Insignia Rank 6. They will do for now.
Weapon - Merciless Gladiator's Spellblade - will do, but no offhand?

Nice guide BTW!

Chu said...

Nice guide, but I think you overlooked something =D

Evokers is Mage only. Satin and Mooncloth are Priest only. =( Mix and match for the 35 resil bonus 2p bonus would be nice, but I'm not sure if it's possible =(

Thanks for doing the research though!

Sonny said...

I'll check that as soon as I'm at my computer tonight. This was an exercise in theory, so it could be wrong.

I'll suggest what answers I can when I have the computer to make links with.

I love this blogging action so much that I'll be spending precious screen time away from the World of Warcraft!

Sonny said...


You're right.


Some heavy editing is in order.