Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Horde Reroll: How Important is Your...

Follow the RP-PvP leveling adventures of Wonzy, the dead gnomish frost mage resurrected as a forsaken priest.

A month ago, I rolled Wonzy, an undead priest, to test the waters of a high population RP-PvP server. I had just decided to pursue WoW PvP more aggressively, and my intentions were twofold. First, to level Wonzy to 29 and consider making him my WotLK main. Second, to decide if it was worth transferring Sonny to an RP-PvP server from carebear Staghelm-US.

At level 14, I offered to heal Ragefire Chasm. I had good synergy with the tank, who was maintaining a Constant Stream of Mobs appropriate to my rapidly regenerating mana pool (spirit FTW). A reckless warlock pulled two groups of adds in a row, and I found myself with depleted mana and a low health tank. I felt the opportunity to triumph against this ridiculous pull slipping from my grasp, and instinctively...

I bandaged the tank.

Epic, I know. This kept me outside of the Five Second Rule long enough to charge up two more heals, and there was no wipe. I sensed that I was born for this, and have only logged into Sonny one time since then. The change was more abrupt than even I had expected, and I've since reexamined what's important to me in WoW. Without further ado, how important is your...


The Alliance never meant that much to me. One of my initial noob frustrations was not finding a group for Wailing Caverns, and I read on the official forums (Oh noes!) that Ally had more players and thus was easier to group with. I stayed when I found Sonny but at level 55 I was already pestering my little guild to reroll Horde with me so I could play a healer. This only worsened when we started PvP and I witnessed battleground healers dripping with win. The need to play Horde to roll a healer may seem odd, but I'll explain. How important is your...


Gnomes can't be healers. Since I could only ever play a gnome or an undead, I could never heal on the Alliance side. If I'm going to heal, I have to be undead, and a priest at that. Perhaps the "silly" races most match my playstyle. Regardless, even my bankers are gnomes, and I've had to develop a lore-inaccurate origin myth to allow myself to dual-box druids one day. Character race is more important than class to me, but how important is your...


I've never had a successful alt, partly because the classes I don't play are of shockingly little interest to me. Sonny became a mage because he couldn't be a priest (atheist) and mages are #2 awesome. Druids rule too, but who doesn't have a druid fetish? (Seriously.) From there, my disinterest begins at tastefully declining to play a shaman, then progresses downward through warriors, hunters, rogues, and paladins until I am vomiting on a warlock.

So far I've laid the foundation for my Wonzy decision, but it still might seem like I left a lot behind by switching toons. How important is your...


Sonny was having a great time on PvE-Staghelm. His friends list was full, his little family guild had mad cool peeps, and then his big raiding guild was bringing him on 25-man raids to Mag's and SSC. He always got whispered for the heroic daily, due to his reputation as a damage-leading, hard-sheeping, /hug-spamming lolgnome. He rarely PuGged anymore and even when he did there was always a friend or two involved. Nonetheless, if I didn't fall in love with Wonzy, I would've moved Sonny to a high population RP-PvP server.

My attempts at PvP and RP, for what they're worth, are an important part of the game for me. The RP element of Emerald Dream (Wonzy's server) is subtle but noticeable and the PvP element is in your face. Putting Sonny in that environment would have been worth the inconvenience of rebuilding a friends list. Raiding wasn't for me. My family guild, though fun while it lasted, wasn't for me either. I have enough real life friends I too seldom get to speak with. The World of Warcraft is where I escape into a system that rewards hard work in 30-minute intervals, and where I can nerd out during whatever odd hours I find with the promise that somewhere, someone else wants to pretend to be a gnome with me. My WoW friendships are purely selfish; they are people I try to be around to make my game of pretend more fun.


My family guild did reroll horde, but on Staghelm. They couldn't bear to leave their gold behind and start from scratch. My "PvP obsessed" GL said a PvP server sounded more inconvenient than fun. He also hates Warsong Gulch. This could become a rant but instead I'll just say that when your frustration with a leader outpaces your dedication to not being in charge, then it's time to go.

Also, in the Alliance Auction House on Staghelm, two douchebags consistently post four pages of one-stacks of every enchanting mat, and there are never any Light Feathers. Unacceptable.

There are things I'll miss about being a mage. I'll never slow fall from the Lumber Mill to the Blacksmith again, or tailor another bag. I'll never tell someone who asks for a portal without offering a tip to "L2Spell" (the freeloaders never can). I'll never summon another Water Elemental, or complete Sonny's level 70 checklist, but it's time to move on. I'm excited about my future with Wonzy on Emerald Dream, and have set my first goal: the Conqueror title!


Seri said...

Rerolling can be difficult (I did it myself) but it sounds like you've put a lot of thought into it. Also, I can't fault your desire to roll a Priest. :)

Thanks for stopping by WoS, and good luck on the new server!

Aendi said...

Hey Sonny/Wonzy :)

I stumbled upon your blog by reading the Twisted Nether Blogcast.

Just wanted to say I very much enjoyed this post and that (after having been in almost the exact same situation myself) I can understand alot fo your reasoning.

Best of luck to you with your new "life"! :)


Sonny said...

Twisted Nether? AHM FAMOUS!!!


Dammerung said...

"There are things I'll miss about being a mage. I'll never slow fall from the Lumber Mill to the Blacksmith again, or tailor another bag."

Don't priests have a form of slow fall? I swear Wulfa's priestie does.

Sonny said...

I've learned we do! It's called Levitate, and there's even a Glyph of Levitate that let's us cast it without using a light feather reageant! And engineers can make parachute cloaks, too.