Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Horde Reroll: Dual-Boxing is Concentrated WoW

Follow the RP-PvP leveling adventures of Team Wonzai, two undead gnomes and their friends.

If I began dual-boxing three weeks ago, my mind has been blown often enough that anything I might've posted lost relevance immediately. What follows is bullet points of grey matter I've scraped off of my walls. Brain frag, if you will. (Will you?)


I've settled on two teams: a Forsaken Discipline Priest with an Orc Beast Mastery Hunter and a Forsaken Frost Mage with a Frost Death Knight who will probably be Tauren. The priest/hunter will probably be my "main."

All my toons took engineering for the jumper cable rez, grenade stuns and swift boots in battlegrounds (so pre-BC, I know), and parachute cloaks for non-Slow Fall/Levitaters. Seaforium Charges make rogues irrelevant.

Recruit-A-Friend XP accumulates too quickly to concurrently level herbalism or mining professions.

I don't fit in with the other dual-boxers. Their forums point to joy in their hardware and software solutions, while for me these things are a vehicle. I worry more about finding affection for my cartoon avatars.

To that end I took the mage and hunter fishing together, because it was obvious to me they didn't get along. The mage caught Old Crafty.

To that end, I RP my toons getting into ridiculous arguments in Orgrimmar.

To that end (the affection one), I've spent my greatest amount of mental energy lately devising the perfect name/race/class/spec schemes. The class/spec/race question is settled and the names were to be Sonn/Khiv for the priest/hunter and Wonz/Chilton for the mage/DK. BUT the hunter got a bear named Sonny that he loves, so obviously the priest can't be named Sonn. The names Wonzy, Wonz, Wonzi, Sonn, Chilton, Thompkin, Bonzy, Khivi, Khiv, Tipp, and Rhek are all reserved by me, so we'll see how it shakes out. We're probably naming a gorilla pet Thompkin and a rhino pet Bonzy.

We might start talking like BRK. It's a good idea and it feels right. We do not have shame.

Our focus is still PvP. The mage/hunter braved the waters of level 19 Warsong Gulch to make sure it's possible and did fairly well. We went 4-1 before leaving to gain more levels, though the imbalance was mostly due to the Horde twink frenzy we queued into.

One time the hunter scored nine killing blows and the mage got zero. Frostbolt sucks at level 19.

The blog will be a PvP blog again when we've become acclimated to the newness of dual-boxing. It will not become a dual-boxing blog. Sadly, we currently question our relevance with no actively played characters at the level cap.

I added features to open source software to assist my dual-boxing. It felt good to flex that muscle.

Sonny (the bear) tanked Wailing Caverns like a champ!

LFG is waaaay easier when you provide a two-toon core. "Want to heal? We're at the stone. Go go go!"

We're intimidated by the vast level of experience and knowledge pre-BC WoWers like Critical QQ and Out of Mana demonstrate. Dual-boxing sort of feels like a way to catch up.

We have less opportunity to play than ever lately, and dual-boxing helps mitigate this. Two hours /played in one hour!

Don't shop at Best Buy. Ick, I tried. Three weeks and three returns later, I went newegg.com for the win.

Do not, under any circumstances, tell people that I really really love the hunter.

Herbalism seems like *the* PvP profession for non-healers. The Death Knight will take it and if the self-HoT is as good as we hope, the mage might drop enchanting for it too.

The mage/hunter have used Jumper Cables three times now to rez healers and we love them.


I'm following Krizzlybear's (Frost is the New Black) NaNoWriMo project. Who else should I pay attention to?

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Devv said...

I always convince myself that I can make an intelligent purchase at Best Buy only to send my monies off to Newegg later that same night. I also think it's interesting that I chose to comment on the only non-WoW content in this post. I wonder if that's a sign of ADHD.